Compact Band Filter

Manufactured by  U-Tech Utpadan

Compact Band Filters are used for filtration of contaminated coolant coming out of any CNC machine tool. These machines offer better filtration and efficiency compared to standard paper band filters because of the design. U-Tech Compact Band Filter offers a very high degree of reliability and guarantees that the coolant will be filtered with the least use of filter paper and motor power.


  • Occupies less space, only 1/3rd of conventional paper band filter
  • Paper Lasts Longer, and hence more time interval between paper changes
  • Can filter coolant and oil with ferrous and non-ferrous metal and non-metal materials
  • Clean coolant to provide brilliant surface on the workpiece
  • Filtration depends on the paper used
  • 50, 20, 10-micron papers available
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Flow Rate (cubic meters/hr) 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 500, 1000 & 1500 LPM
Filter Medium Material Microfiber, Paper

We are presenting an excellent quality assortment of Compact Band Filter.

Compact band filters have the following advantages over regular paper band filters:
1. Occupies 1/3 rd the space taken by paper band filter
2. Achieves a very thick layer of cake formation which acts as a filter
3. Filter paper lasts longer and hence a cost saving over a period of time
4. Can be used for very high flow rates of 2500 to 3000 lpm
5. U-Tech Compact Band Filter range starts from 50 LPM and stretches up to 1500 LPM.