Magnetic Separator

Manufactured by  U-Tech Utpadan

  • Magnetic Separators are products which are used to filter out ferrous dust from coolant in the metal cutting industry.
  • U-Tech Magnetic Separators are designed to give the best efficiency with the lowest power consumption among competitors.
  • U-Tech magnetic separators come in three different models with the main difference being the type and grade of magnets used.
  • The magnets are selected based on the application it is being used for.


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U-Tech Magnetic separators come in ferrite, medium rare earth and full rare earth models. While the ferrite magnets have a gauss value of 800 to 1000, medium rare earth comes with a gauss value of 2300 to 2500. The highest power magnetic separators employ full rare earth magnets which has a gauss value of 4000. These full rare earth models are used for very fine grinding applications and places where carbide/tungsten is being ground.

The major advantages of U-Tech Magnetic Separator over competitors are:

  1. Only a 40W motor is used to power the drum whereas competitors use 180W.
  2. Positive drive for the gum roller for better squeezing of dust.
  3. Special design where the magnets are stationary and only the outer drum rotates.
  4. Easy scrape design to remove dust efficiently.
  5. These Magnetic separators are available in capacities ranging from 50 LPM to 1000 LPM.