Baling Press

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We are offering Door Lock Hydraulic Scrap Baling Press to our customers.

available in 3 models.

SBP-DC-01, SBP- DC-02,SBP- DC-03

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Double Compression

Model Bale size (LxBxH)mm Chamber size(LxBxH) mm Capacity Ton Power Hp Bale weight Kg* Ejection
SBP-DC-01 200x350x200 900x350x350 40 5 30-35 Front manual
SBP- DC-02 250x400x300 1000x400x400 60 7.5 40-45 Optional
SBP-DC-03 300x450x350 1100x450x450 80 10 50-55 Optional

Triple Compression

Baling Chamber (WxhxL) (mm). 300x400x1125 400x500x1125 500x500x1125 600x750x1425 750x950x1850 1000x1200x2100
Bale Size (mm). 300x400x100-150 400x300x150-200 250x250x200-250 300x300x200-250 400x400x200-250 500x500x250-500
Bale Weight (MS)(Kgs Approx) 20-35 45-55 40-60 55-75 80-145 150-240
Power HP (3 Phase 1440rpm) 15 15 45 39 55 2×40
No. of compression Single Single Triple Double Triple Triple
Door Opening Manual Manual/ Auto Auto Auto Auto Auto Ejection by side