ATC Horizontal #50 Chain Type

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  • “Anodised – Aluminium Alloy Pocket” with Environment Friendly.
  • Anti-Rust and High Stiffness
  • Spring is made from German Piano Wire.
  • Completely Water Proof Arm to prevent entry of coolant into Arm
  • Gripper is made as a separate component for Easy changing of specification between different pockets. (BT/CAT/DIN/HSK).
  • Special design of Rail that overlaps on the wheel to avoid “Chord Raise Effect” and ensure Low Noise and Vibration when the Chain is in Motion.
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Chain Type/ Pocket Tilt 90゚ Mechanism
Pocket Spec #50 BT/CAT/DIN/HSK100
Tool Capacity 30T/40T/60T
Max. Tool Diameter With Adjacent
Pocket Full / Empty
mm 125/229
Max. Tool Weight kg 15
Tool Change Time sec/60hz 2.9
Magazine Speed sec/tool 0.78
Tool Management Model Random
Tool Changing Selection Roller Gear Cam